7 Places to Find Spiritual Inspiration Online

7 Places to Find Spiritual Inspiration Online

Over the past few decades people who consider themselves religious has been steadily declining. However, there has been a rise in people who are interested in some kind of spirituality that is not necessarily religious. The Pew Research Center found that just under 20% of people in the U.S. said that they had no religious belief whatsoever. Interestingly, 37% of those people considered themselves spiritual.

Unlike many religions that have well established, texts, teachings, and places of worship, this new type of spirituality is a little more vague. If you consider yourself spiritual but non-religious it can be difficult to know exactly where to turn for community or inspiration. However, if you know where to look there are many places that offer spiritual inspiration. You may find help by meditating, mindfulness coaching, or finding inspiration.

1. Blogs from Elephant Journal

Reading about spirituality can be a great way to get inspired. Elephant Journal’s blog has some great content about yoga, spirituality, and wellness. They publish so much content that it can be difficult to weed through everything. We really recommend looking through the section titled editors picks. This section has content that is a bit more curated. Also, the section “non new-age spirituality” is also a great place to read about spiritual practices that aren’t too out there.

Spiritual Quotes

2. Quotes from One Mind Dharma

One Mind Dharma offers a huge array of interesting spiritual content. They definitely talk mostly about Buddhism and meditation but they offer some content that is a bit more secular. We stumbled on a page that offers mindfulness quotes. These quotes are a wonderful place to find spiritual inspiration. You can read the words of zen masters and modern mindfulness teachers.

3. Online Courses from Tricycle

Tricyle offers online classes about meditation, spirituality, and mindfulness. These are a great way to get some spiritual inspiration without ever needing to leave your home. These online classes are a little pricy but still much less expensive than many in-person workshops. They also tend to draw really big name teachers, like Sharon Salzberg, because they are a well-respected publication. If you are interested you can see the current course offerings here.

4. Books from the Huffington Post

In addition to reading blogs it can be great to dive a little deeper into spiritual practice. One great way to find some inspiration is by reading books on the topic. HuffingtonPost.com has an incredible list of books for people who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. Whether you are looking for some light reading or deep books about complex spiritual topics there is something on the list for you. If you are a particularly techy person you can also buy many of these books on kindle and read them on one of your devices.

Spiritual groups

5. Groups on Facebook

There are many great spiritual groups on Facebook. It can take some searching around to find the few that are right for you. But, groups can be a perfect way to get some inspiration and connect with people who are on a similar path that you are. One group we recommend is the Practices of Gratitude group. This group is a place for people to share their gratitude about something every day. People post pretty frequently so it can be a nice way to interact with people or start up a gratitude practice of you own.

6. Spiritual Movement on Instagram

If you are looking for a great mixture of spiritual content that you can easily scroll trough we recommend that you check out @SpiritualMovement on Instagram. They post great content with photos, quotes, thoughts, and doodles. This is a bit of a surface way to consume your spiritual inspiration. But, it is nice if you have a few minutes and want a quick boost of inspiration.

7. Spirit Stream in your App Store

With Spirit Stream you can create playlists of spiritual music, talks, or meditations. These are a great way to have some spiritual inspiration right on your phone. It is helpful because you can get inspired while driving, working out, or just sitting at home. They have a ton available on the app so if you have a teacher or spiritual tradition you like you can find more of that content.

Take some time to explore your spirituality online! There are so many great resources available to help you find inspiration and get to know yourself better.

7 Places to Find Spiritual Inspiration Online

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