CBT for addiction

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Established on the idea that negative contemplations produce negative emotions about the self and reality, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most famous sort of psychotherapy utilized by advisors who treat patients with substance mishandle issues. Many psychotherapists, like One Mind Therapy, utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as their main method of helping those struggling with addiction.

Fixation advocates represent considerable authority in CBT endeavor to demonstrate to patients generally accepted methods to perceive and stop these false convictions about themselves and their general surroundings by taking part in a sort of “talk” treatment that uncovered foolish contemplations as a type of subjective discord.

Substance abusers regularly legitimize their enslavement by limiting clashing convictions with the securing of new convictions that influence them to feel less in charge of their activities. Thus, effectively treating substance manhandle patients with CBT implies that specialists must start changes to intuition designs that repress a patient’s capacity to conquer a dependence.

An Addiction to Negative Thoughts

The dependence on negative idea examples can be similarly as solid as a dependence on medications or liquor. Patients going into CBT regularly start a session by guaranteeing they are casualties who have never been given a reasonable possibility by society. Learned powerlessness, or suspecting that you never again have control over unfriendly occasions, is portrayed by impeded inspiration, failure to gain from missteps and extraordinary disappointment and nervousness.

By utilizing CBT procedures, specialists endeavor to challenge unconfirmed observations via painstakingly uncovering the irregularities of convictions not founded on target actualities.

Subjective behavioral treatment is intended to show the accompanying ideas to substance abusers:

That sudden occasions or the activities of others are not the reason negative emotions. Rather, “terrible” sentiments rise up out of the way a patient sees someone else’s physical or verbal activities.

Learning self-checking abilities will enable patients to adapt soundly to “triggers” that could prompt backslide. These abilities incorporate diverting negative considerations with diversion and utilizing regular strategies for decreasing anxiety (reflection, breathing methods, and perception).

That tolerating troublesome circumstances without enabling compelling feelings to contort a target appraisal of the circumstance gives patients a chance to utilize their adapting aptitudes all the more viably.

That CBT supplements psychotherapy’s training model by demonstrating that the larger part of passionate and behavioral responses to distressing occasions are found out responses that can be unlearned.

What’s more, subjective behavioral treatment consistently addresses emotional wellness issues regular to substance abusers, for example, extreme misery, freeze issue and fears. CBT patients are constantly awed and enabled by the beneficial outcomes that CBT has on their recuperation procedure and general prosperity.

CBT and Thought Diaries

The organized and enlightening strategy restricting CBT ideas advances the viability of “homework” assignments given to patients by their specialist. Patients are regularly solicited to keep a journal from their considerations for the duration of the day so that a CBT advisor can demonstrate them particular examples and ideal models exemplifying their convictions.

CBT Can Help Overcome an Addiction

A CBT way to deal with addictive practices might be depicted as taking the view that substance manhandle is a scholarly conduct obtained through operant molding. Therefore, these practices can be effectively changed by applying a learning-based intercession, for example, CBT that completely tends to relational and intrapersonal circumstances powering substance mishandle.

Drug Addiction in Teens

Dependence on drugs and alcohol is a grave problem in humanity for people all over the planet. Each and every year natives try drugs and turn into addicted. The difficulty afflicts the youthful people the most. The greater part of people becoming captivated by drugs like Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine are Youths and young grownups. You may awe why addiction is going up most in this area. Drug consumption in teens normally starts with smoldering pot or cigarettes. This can head to more solid drugs as the years pass by. The mainstream of teens that begin using drugs and that convert addicted come from wicked homes and were frequently subjected to great difficulty and or manipulation from an early age. If you or somebody you know is struggling, we suggest reaching out to a trained recovery coach at https://thevitalitygroup.net/recovery-coach/.

In the current past, there has been rising abuse of treatment painkillers. The greatest commonly abused opiate, Heroin, is prohibited in most parts of the earth. On the other hand, most opiates are completely legal and obtainable by prescription. They can regularly be just as powerful as street dope and often times even added so, predominantly Oxycontin and common Oxycodone contains drugs. Even if these drugs have a sincere medical use, they harvest a pleasurable elation that teens can find very tempting. Most aren’t equipped for the awful withdrawal symptoms that happen when stopping the use of these drugs and that is what retains people consuming for years.

As soon as a person has to turn out to be addicted, it could take years for them to derive to grips with the concept that they are an addict or that they have a thoughtful setback. While it is achievable to quit on your personal will, maximum people need to search for professional help to blow an addiction. Rehabs could be very beneficial, but the hit rate tends to be very low for 1st-time attendees. If you ever been to rehab or known someone who has visited it they will agree that most cases the patients they’ve met have been to dealing on normal four to seven times over the course of their exists.

Maximum people use for about five to ten years prior to inflowing treatment for the first time. The teens and incredibly young adults incline to go since they’re pressured by family, not for the reason that they are ready to take their retrieval seriously. While the truth is, there simply is no way they could possibly last long unless they get ready for the treatment themselves. Since using inclines to be enjoyable, there typically needs to be a devastating amount of evidence that using will reason nothing but difficulties before people will leave. Unhappily, this more often than not takes years.

No matter what a person picks to do, the essential thing is accepting that they want to create a change. Without that, you can never aid them. Going cold turkey is not entertaining but suppositories such as Suboxone can be a huge help. A little guidance of yours and the willpower of the addict might prevent unnecessary hazardous situations.


quitting drugs

How Quitting Drugs Can Help Your Health

Emerging a drug addiction isn’t a personality flaw or a sign of paleness and it takes more than a determination to disable the problem. But mending is never out of the grab, no matter how in despair your condition seems. With the right conduct and support, an alteration is conceivable. Don’t give up—even if you’ve strained and botched before. The road to retrieval often takes in bumps, drawbacks, and holdups. But by investigating the difficulty and thinking about adjustment, you’re by now well on your approach. To give you certain inspiration, here are a few exceptional whys and wherefores to quit using drugs.

You can learn more about how fast addiction can develop from Crownview Co-Occurring Institute at
You’ll be in Fine Fettle.

There’s not a drug out there not including some wounding effects as all drugs are in the end venoms. The meticulous effects diverge from a drug. Heroin or sedatives suppress the achievement of the lungs and this could lead to pneumonia, tuberculosis, or abscesses. The hefty use of several drugs or alcohol leads to dangerous weight loss and malnourishment that can affect one’s capability to resist disease. You’ll diminish your risk of passing. Numerous drugs can reason death the first time you custom them, and others can have a destructive upshot long-term. Cocaine is very demanding on the heart and veins which can generate an instant cardiac capture or heart attack.

drug addictionYou will be More Probable to Retain a Good Job.

One of the classic signs of the glide into addiction is failed jobs. It’s very usual for self-using drugs to accuse others of this obstruction. But typically, it’s for the reason that the person stopped acting as well on the work. There were almost certainly sicker days occupied. The project was not engaged to a conclusion. Errors were made. Customers were abandoned and co-workers were estranged. The end consequence: No more occupation.

Feel Better

You will slowly regain the capability to feel real, true sentiments once again, like joy over pleasing things scheduled, sadness when it’s suitable. Drugs and alcohol cover one’s real emotive replies to life’s measures. Long-term use of drugs could consequence in apathy and unhappiness, particularly once you come depressed from them.

Back To the Society

Societies will like you well. This is just about an unquestionable thing. So numerous people turn out to be mean or destructive when they are drunk and too much of marijuana use can activate panic attacks or character changes that can make you a cargo on your friends. I’ve found fun things to do in Cancun without drugs or alcohol, thanks to places like GLCN. Traveling to Mexico, I’ve been able to engage with the world and community rather than sitting all day and night in a bar. 

Possibly the most vital reason to quit using drugs is that it’s is a dead end motion. The termination result of addiction is either demise, prison or sobriety. Yes, it’s hard to face the view of quitting drugs. The result of not making this decision is far, far eviler. The solution for lots of people is to find a rehab center that bids a plan with good upshot statistics and that makes a parallel line with one’s own viewpoint.  Life is enhanced without drugs, as innumerable folks who’ve ended their addiction and are living drug-free can bear out.

essential oils for meditation

Essential Oils for Meditation

Meditation is not limited to any one exact culture or religious/holy faction. Largely speaking, meditation brings a sense of easing running one to grow into sensitive to explanation. Where prayer is the condition of utterance to God or the Heavenly, either out loud or noiselessly, meditation is the condition of inaudibly and peacefully listening to hear vision, insight, and permission from our Divine designer. Meditation lets us calm down our minds, center upon an exacting point of orientation and take a mini-break from the strains of the day.

Find some awesome practices for those new to meditation on One Mind Dharma’s page at https://oneminddharma.com/5-minute-meditation/.

To use essential oils in meditation, you have more than a few options: You can rub yourself (go for the third eye). You can crack a vapor (blend oils with water in a tiny spray pot) and spray the perfume in the air, or you can use a diffuser. I’m for myself a fan of placing the oils on my body, exceptionally the third eye spot. You may get a mixture of approaches work well. Try these even essential oils in your meditation preparation.

  1. meditation oilsFrankincense: A sanctified scent if there ever was one, it’s thought to help you raise your trust and connection with the soul.
  2. Myrrh: One of the maximum sesquiterpene innards in an essential oil, myrrh straight arouses the pituitary, hypothalamus and amygdalin glands to help decrease stress and bring attention. Its elevating scent can help in deep religious “opening” while causing calm and serenity.
  3. Cedarwood: Attention on inner a bit more plainly with the aid of cedarwood. It can also aid to lighten your need for consideration and yield you to your religious path when hitches have made it arduous.
  4. Sandalwood: This oil is extremely helpful in soothing, exceptionally emotional/spiritual upsets. It opens the soul and helps to support faith.
  5. Neroli: The strong flowery fragrance of neroli can benefit you to be extra self-accepting, face your doubts and receive the effort you have to do for yourself. It’s extremely sensory and transformative, and the scent can also inspire imagination, mainly as it relates to a spiritual rehearsal.
  6. Rose: The scent of love—both the creature and the creator, this romantic and sensory oil opens the emotion to receive love– mainly self-love—and a profound connection to the soul world.
  7. Sage: Fiery sage is an everyday ritual practice in many tribal beliefs. It cleans and sanitizes, eliminating negative vitalities. It is basing and rebuilds both equilibrium and vigor.


Your concentration and focus power will rise by including essential oils into your pensive routine.  It can also clear brain talk and the damaging energies that can divert you from getting mindfulness and illumination.  Essential oils can also benefit by linking you to your psychic self and mollify your body. You have to confirm you are including only the highest quality if you are using essential oils for meditation or you would not get the complete therapeutic aids. Essential oils are an actually amazing way to boost your meditation feel.

lavender essential oil

Best Essential Oils for Children

Regardless of how hard you function to keep your kids sound, they will encounter disorder occasionally.
It’s unpleasant and it can demoralize when it happens, however it will happen. How you respond and what you do amid that time can have a significant effect.
As mother, you’re accountable for your youngsters’ wellbeing. That implies bolstering them solid nourishments, restricting their presentation to poisons, and yes, what you improve when they are wiped out. You can use essential oils for headaches, for bruising, for depression, and many more things!

You don’t need to be a specialist. You don’t need to be a medical caretaker. All you should be will learn and do it.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is an anti contagious and hostile to bacterial essential oil. You can utilize it for cuts, scraps, consumes, bug chomps, and as a bug repellent.
Lavender Oil
Lavender oil has hostile to viral and antibacterial properties. Utilize it to sooth and quiet and also for medical aid, sunburn, and to help insusceptibility.
Chamomile Oil
Chamomile oil is a stomach related guide and is useful for babies with colic or clogging. It, similar to lavender, is known for its quieting properties. It’s additionally a calming and is useful for ear diseases. This one can cost a pretty penny however so utilize it astutely!
Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil is additionally a stomach related guide and can be utilized to help with colic. It’s know to help cool fevers and go about as a decongestant with colds. (Make a point to weaken this oil well… it’s solid!)
essential oils for headachesEucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil is most outstanding for it’s utilization as a decongestant for respiratory scatters. It likewise attempts to cool fevers and has hostile to viral and against bacterial properties.
Rose Otto Oil
Rose Otto oil is known for it’s capacity to treat feed fever and asthma. So if your little one experiences regular sensitivities, this is an awesome oil to have close by, yet it, similar to chamomile oil, is exorbitant. Have you ever however about what number of roses it takes to make an ounce of oil? A great deal!
Citrus Oils (orange, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine)
Citrus oils are inclination improving oils, and they smell awesome! An intriguing tid-bit is that they’re know to quiet overstimulated youngsters so truly they’re a state of mind adjusting oil!
Frankincense… yes, a similar thing that the insightful men conveyed as a blessing to Jesus… is useful for contaminations in view of its against bacterial properties and is regularly utilized with respiratory blockage.
Sandalwood fundamental oil is an incredible oil for sore throats and use as a narcotic.
St. John’s Wort
St. John’s Wort {the whole herb} is fundamentally known for it’s state of mind improving and hormone properties, yet with regards to St. John’s Wort basic oil, it can be utilized to treat ear diseases which can be exceptionally normal in kids.

A Simple Children’s Remedies Using Essential Oils
Blockage Steam
10 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in one quart of boiling water. Hold look over bowl {close enough for comfort} with towel hung over bowl and head. Breathe in steam profoundly for 5 – 10 minutes. Be watchful of high temp water and consumes!

alcoholism in elderly population

Alcoholism in the Elderly Population: Physical and Cognitive Impact

While there is much consumer health focus upon the effects of alcoholism, many senior adults, those over age 65, continue to consume alcohol throughout retirement. Statistically, the number of senior adults consuming alcohol has not been quantified. However, based on the impact of aging and progressive diseases, it is believed alcohol consumption is a leading factor in health complications among the elderly population with many developing these complications due to years of alcohol consumption. You can learn more about private drug rehab facilities at http://yoursobersolutions.com/listing-category/private-drug-rehab/.

As a senior adult who consumes alcohol on a regular basis, there are some key statistics to consider. First, it is believed the elderly adult population, as a general rule, carries a lower amount of body water naturally. Because of this fact, the elderly population may experience a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level due to an inability to dilute the alcohol consumed. To this, the alcohol consumption is also compounded by the effect of complications associated with tolerance: as age increases, tolerance decreases. The result, therefore, is a complication in which there may be an experience of increased lack of coordination quite sooner than in the past when drinking of the same level occurred.

Because aging places a slow deterioration on the brain, many senior adult, who consume alcohol, will notice a compound effect. Alcohol mimics the same complications found in the aging brain so, when the two factors are combined (alcohol and aging), the effect can be exponentially greater. This, of course, is the short term effect. Long term, alcohol can advance the progress at which aging occurs, slowing deteriorating brain tissue. In fact, the area of the brain most often first compromised, in the elderly adult who consumes alcohol, is the frontal lobe which controls activities such as inhibition and personality expression. With age, as the frontal lobe is impacted, there may be a progressive complication as that found in dementia or even Alzheimer’s.

So what do you do when you or a loved one is involved in the continued consumption of alcohol as an elderly adult? Because long term consumption of alcohol, that which occurred over many years or even decades, is very difficult to treat, most elderly individuals do not benefit well from treatment programs for alcoholism. Instead, it is best to address the potential complications associated with alcohol consumption. While alcohol consumption should be avoided, it may simply not be a lifestyle choice made by the elderly individual who drinks. So, instead, focus on diet and exercise as a way in which to offset the deterioration of bone health and the deterioration of cognitive function. Practicing mental and cognitive exercises, eating a balanced diet and obtaining plenty of exercise are all important to managing the long term health complications of the elder individual who consumes alcohol regularly

Advantages of the 12-Step Recovery Program

Are you thinking about joining a 12 step recovery program to help you overcome your addiction? Are you unsure on what the advantages of a 12 step recovery program are? To help learn about the advantages of a 12 step recovery program, I have interviewed therapist Dr. Ruthe Willis LCSW. Whether you’re struggling with alcoholism or polysubstance abuse, twelve-step is a wonderful option that helps many people.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
“I am a 60+year old clinical social worker specializing in addictions. I have almost 40 years experience. Good grief! I worked for 10 years at NY Hospital in White Plains, NY, and have been in full time clinical work on my own since then. I grew up in an alcoholic family and it was only natural to become a social work with addicted people.”

What are the requirements for joining a 12-step recovery program?
“Anyone can join a 12-step recovery program. The only requirements are showing up, listening, and if you want to get something out of it, say something. Woody Allan said 80% of life is just showing up. He’s right. If you miss the 12-step recovery meeting you were going to attend, go to the next one. Kind of like if you get thrown from a horse, get back on right away.”

What are the advantages of a 12-step recovery program?
:The advantages of a 12 step recovery program are: 1. You make friends and have people to talk to about your addiction. 2. Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) recovery meetings are very structured and cover a large variety of subjects. 3. You can get a sponsor and usually stay in touch with them daily, for the first 90 days. 4. Many people attend 90 meetings in 90 days and that helps give focus to your day. You are with helpful people, see some people are worse off than you are, and you might find someone to admire and use as a role model. 5. You can travel around the world (or less) and find Bill W. meetings almost anywhere. Instant connections when you go to a new town or city.

I like combining a 12-step recovery programs with therapy. Twenty years ago AA members did not like anyone taking medication or getting therapy. The old timers felt therapy was either “wrong” or would lead you to the wrong place or to the wrong conclusion. Now, it’s been years since I have gotten someone who was told not to come see me.

In my practice, of relatively well functioning adults, it doesn’t seem to matter whether you are in or out of 12-step recovery program. Both “get well” with weekly therapy in the same amount of time.”

Should a 12-step program be combined with other forms of therapy in order to maximize its positive impact?
“Absolutely therapy should complement a 12-step recovery program. Therapy allows the client to work on personal issues in addition to issues that people bring up in group. Especially after 2 years of a 12-step recovery program people should go into therapy. By that time the addiction is healing and personal work on family, job, or other problems can be dealt with between the client and therapist.

In 12-step recovery programs there is no cross talk, so you will get advice from members outside of the meeting, not inside the meeting. I give lots of advice to my clients and work with those who want to maintain controlled drinking. By large we are successful, though many people return to me after 6 months or a few years to get back in the wagon.”

What advice would you like to leave for someone who is considering a 12-step program?
“My advice for someone joining is to get a sponsor of the same sex and listen carefully in the meetings. If a meeting is a total turnoff to you, change meetings till you find people to relate to.

Thank you Dr. Willis for doing the interview on the advantages of a 12 step recovery program. For more information on Dr. Willis or her work you can check out her website on http://www.alcoholanddepression.com.

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alcohol and drug addiction in the family

Memories of Family Alcoholism

After my grandmother died,the not normal, but familiar world I have known for so long was gone. No longer able to pick up the phone and call her,I felt like I had died too. I knew she was special, but I didn’t know just how much of an impact she would have on my life, until now.

At 12 going on 13, a young girl’s mind should be on things other than being the caretaker and defender of her family. With the death of my grandmother came a depression in my mother, that was deep and strong. I know now what she must have been feeling.

At the time, all I saw in her was a drunk. She was drunk from daylight to daylight most of the time. I had become the person who cooked and kept our clothes clean. My mother was either gone to work or in bed drunk everyday. Still living in the leaning house, I tried to get to school on time and to take care of my little brother. My older brother’s way of dealing with everything was to spend every waking moment at school or with his friends. He was old enough to drive and he stayed as far away as he could. I recommend reading Addiction Rehab Blog’s 5 Things You Can Do to Help a Drug Addict Who Doesn’t Want Help.

Not only did the drinking get worse, the beatings got much worse. One occasion, in particular seemed to stay planted in my mind for all of these years. It was a Saturday morning. My brother had brought his buddy home, who also had an alcoholic situation at home, we all went swimming down at the creek. When we got back around 2;30, my dad and mom were toasted to the max by then. As was a normal effort to keep everything peaceful, we attempted to eat watermelon under the trees in the backyard. My mom in all of her drunk glory, decided to come out to put her daily dose of venom into the events.

My brother’s friend recognized it was the perfect time to leave. My brother(17)knew it was going to come down to a knock-down, drag-out fight with my mom and dad. He stuck around to make sure she didn’t get hurt bad, or we didn’t. As was par for their fights, my mom went straight for the car after talking trash to everybody. She didn’t have the keys, but she was going to sit in the car and whatever.

For some reason, this just really pissed off my dad. In about 15 minutes, he came raging out of the back door and cussing at my mom. Her in all of her passed out state, jumped up and continued the rant she started earlier. The mood was right for an title bout. As soon as she stood up straight and called my dad a no-good cheating son-of-a-bitch, you could hear the bell ring.

My dad must have seen dark, dark red. He grabbed her and drug her around the car, towards the house, by her hair. This was the beginning of the battle. My brother ran and grabbed him, yelling let her go. As my dad let go, my mom managed to get to her feet and slap the living hell out of my dad. Wrong move. Before my brother could grab his hand,he knocked her off of her feet. He lunged at her to hit her again and my brother tackled him. In one swing he busted her mouth and nose. At this point blood was pouring. My brother and him wrestled on the ground for a few minutes and my brother let him up.

Helping Addicts who Dont Want HelpMy little brother and I were hiding behind the house, shaking with fear and crying our eyes out. We kept peeking around to see what was going on. When the blood shot from my mother’s face, my heart felt as though it was going to bust from my chest. I was so scared and just knew she was dying. When my dad got up, he headed straight for the house. My brother must have known what he was going after. He tried to get my mom off of the ground and in the car. She was so messed up, she was fighting him too. Within what seemed like hours, my dad came back out of the house with his rifle.

My brother ran to get us and took us out into the bamboo field behind our house. I remember him saying, Be still and quiet no matter what you hear. It still makes me shake to think of it. My dad saw us go in the field and started shooting in our direction. My brother ran screaming so he would shoot towards the sound of his voice. When he came back a few minutes later, he sent my little brother around the back of the house down the road to the neighbors to call the police. When my dad came around and saw him running, he fired at him 3 times. My little brother ducked down and kept running.

When the police came, no one was arrested. My dad did leave though. He went to Virginia the next week for work. It didn’t seem that bad when my dad left. My mom continued to be drunk and talk bad to us. She continued to try and be as crazy as possible with the alcoholic tirades daily. Life went on and we made do as best we could. I guess my dad must have sent money, because we paid the rent.

In the weeks and months that came, our lives made another drastic turn. My dad and mom were working out there differences and my mom seemed to realize she needed to slow down, if not stop the drinking. My dad came home one weekend and told us we were moving to Virginia. My older brother was in his Senior year and didn’t want to move. He was allowed to go and live with my mom’s brother until graduation.

As we arrived in Virginia to the “new” home, I started to cry when we pulled in. An old Airstream trailer in a dumpy trailer park. No real bedrooms, just a hall with beds to the side. I just had a bad feeling from the start. We were enrolled in school and my mom was attempting to stay sober. It wasn’t working. Within weeks of moving to Virginia, she was back to the usual passing out and talking trash.

As I tried to cope with the daily routine of caring for my 8 year old brother, going to school and avoiding being hit, my dad threw yet another curve in my direction. While watching tv one night, my mom passed out and my brother asleep, I leaned over the couch and looked out the poor excuse for a window in the Airstream. My dad parked our car out there. I thought I heard a noise and while investigating the source, I got more of an education than I had intended. My dad was in the back seat with the landlord’s wife, buck naked. No need to explain their obvious activities. That picture has stayed in my mind for over 35 years.

Needless to say, nothing had changed. Our world continued to deteriorate and my responsibility continued to grow. About 3 months before my mom made up her mind to wake up, I came down with pneumonia. I remember getting my brother off to school and going back to bed. I knew I couldn’t breathe, but I thought if I laid down, I would be alright. About 3 hours later, I went to a neighbor and called my mom and dad’s work. When they got me to the hospital, I had a 106 fever. I was put into critical care for almost 2 weeks.

When they finally put me in a regular room, my mom and dad showed up to visit. First time since I went in. My mom was falling down drunk and my dad was close. I was so embarrassed, I asked them to leave. When I got out, my dad left to go back home. My mom started making plans to do the same.

When we got home,once again, my mom and dad tried to make peace. It didn’t work. We moved to my grandmother’s old house and my dad stayed in his dad’s house. Just being back at her house and imagining her being there, gave me comfort. My mom was sober again and I thought we would be alright, finally. I was so glad to be back and to be on familiar ground. As the weeks and months came and went, my mom, my brothers and I were happy. My brother got a scholarship to college for football and we were doing great, without my dad.

I don’t know what makes a woman want to continue to hope her man will change, if only she can love him enough. This was the dilema my mother was in. She wanted to believe she could change him. So she let him come back. At first just to date, I guess. Then it was more frequent.

By then, she was starting to drink some again. This was like getting shot to me. I hated my dad and what he had done to us. Seeing him in that car, was the final straw. I told my mom not to let him come back. That was a wasted effort.

The fall was in sight. I knew we were not going to make it this time either. On Sunday morning in June, I came downstairs to start my day. My older brother was on the couch and my mom was just coming in. She came through the living room and started cussing my brother. As I walked past them, trying to avoid conflict, she reached by him and slapped me across the face, calling me a slut and a whore.

I guess I had taken all of the abuse I could. I immediately grabbed her and threw her on the floor. You have to understand. My mom was 5’7″ and never weighed over 95 lbs ever. I have always been tall. I sat on top of her and put my hands around her throat. I told her I hated her and if she ever put her hands on me again, I would kill her.

My head couldn’t stop spinning. I ran upstairs, grabbed my clothes and took off down the driveway. My Aunt Nora and Uncle Grover were across the golf course. Yea we lived on the golf course. Before it was cool to live there. I never looked back at that house. I told my Aunt I did not want to go back, even if it meant going to an orphanage.

My mom called me and tried to come see me. I wouldn’t talk to her. I was determined no matter what the cost, I wouldn’t go back. Bravery at 13 is also stubbornness. It proved to be my saving grace. It gave me a new place to start trying to figure out what the heck was my purpose here and why was I destined to go through everything the hard way?.

Meditation for ADHD

Treating ADHD Without Prescription Medication

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, seems to be gaining in momentum of it’s diagnosis with each passing year. Unfortunately, many children who are prescribed medication to control the symptoms of this disorder experience less-than-desirable side effects as a result of these medicines. Many parents these days are seeking out alternative routes to treat ADHD without harmful medications. With a little information and knowledge at hand, you may be able to find a far safer option. From meditation practices to diet, there are many things that can help ADHD symptoms. One Mind Dharma’s article Concentrative Meditation – Practices, Tips, and Explanation has some great tips on establishing concentration, along with some guided practices.

The first thing you need to take a close look at is your child’s diet. Too many children these days are filling their bodies with refined sugars and flours, artificially dyed and flavored foods, caffeine and other such “junk foods.” Plain and simple, it has been proven that what we eat also effects us both physically as well as emotionally. Many parents have seen for themselves the negative effects of artificial dyes in foods and medicines, specifically Red #40. Children prone to hyperactivity are often effected strongly by Red #40 and this one small step of removing this coloring from your child’s daily diet can truly make a world of difference. My advice to parents wanting to see a drastic change in their child’s impulsivity, sleep patterns, attitude and attention span is to try to keep their diet as natural as possible. Your goal ought to be to feed your child foods that look as close as possible to what they looked like before being shipped to the store. Fresh or frozen vegetables, whole grain breads, organic food items, etc… If a cheese is neon orange or the bread is pure white or the juice is bright green, it is undoubtedly due to some negative additives being introduced into said food item. This may require a lot more label-reading in the grocery store but the change will be well worth it. Also be aware of caffeine which may be in products like chocolate and soft drinks. At first, your child may go through a time of detox when their behavior may get a bit worse as their bodies go through withdrawal (because many children are literally addicted to these additives) but eventually the change in thier daily behavior will be abundantly obvious. Over time your child will surely develop a taste for healthier, more beneficial foods. In our home my eldest son has been on this strict diet for about 4 years now and to be fair we all try to follow it. Now, my children may pick at cake or candy at a birthday party but they will indefinitely devour fresh fruit from a bowl on the table or a salad with dinner. It gets easier the longer you stick to such a diet. And the benefits last a lifetime.

Herbal TeaAnother route to try is to supplement the dietary changes with a herbal or homeopathic remedy. For aggression and impulsivity and behavior issues including clinginess and arguing you may want to try the homeopathic remedy chamomile. For hyperactivity try an herb such as lemon balm or catnip tea. Hylands homeopathic remedy Calms Forte for children is also a wonderful remedy that can be used both throughout the day as well as at bedtime. Try a few drops of lavender oil in a bath before bed or mix in a few drops with a few tablespoons of carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil and massage into the temples or shoulders. Melatonin is a substance naturally produced by our bodies to soothe and relax us at night time and you may safely administer a dose of up to 3 mg for children ages 3 and up. This can be purchased at any local pharmacy over the counter. A bedtime tea such as a blend of chamomile, peppermint and lemon balm is also a wonderful way to ease that transition from playtime to bedtime. My children often enjoy a cup of bedtime tea iced and sweetened with honey with dinner to help them to relax.

Of course, nothing you give your child is going to magically cure ADHD. The best defense is an active parent. Pay attention to what your child’s triggers are. Keep a predictable schedule and routine day to day in your home. Don;t allow your child to skip naps or stay up all night long. If you are going to be late for a meal offer your child a snack to keep their blood sugar levels stable. If overstimulation is a problem make sure you take notice and lead your child into a quieter calming activity such as helping you knead bread, reading a book together or taking a bath. If boredom is a problem, be more actively involved in playtime, offering suggestions to your child of ways to stay occupied such as art projects, building with blocks or doing a puzzle. Allow your child creative outlets to let out excess energy such as bouncing on a trampoline (or bed if you so allow), roughhousing with Daddy, dancing, sports, outdoor play, etc…. Teach your child when it is acceptable to be loud and boisterous and when it is proper to behave a little calmer. If your child has a teacher at school who refuses to work with you or be understanding perhaps the answer is to switch teachers or even consider home schooling, which I know personally has benefited many high needs ADHD students who otherwise would get lost in the shuffle of overcrowded classrooms.

Most importantly, do not allow your child to become a label. Learn to see your child’s behavior as a blessing. At a young age it can all seem frustrating, and stressful and exhausting. But later in life these attributes may guide him in success. A hyper child may later learn to channel that energy into a career where energy is a must. Impulsivity at a tender age may result in dangerous situations but as you teach her to focus those impulses she may grow into a woman who can think and react fast on their feet. I myself am a woman who was diagnosed ADHD as a child and I can tell you as a mother of 4 young children, my need for less sleep and my ability to multitask serve me well. Instead of speaking negatively in regards to your child’s symptoms, try to point out their strengths in such ways that they are encouraged to grow and develop into an adult you are proud of. It may be a little more work than simply filling a prescription once a month at your local pharmacy for the latest drug, but the results that come with your effort make it well worth it. The goal here is not to silence your child, but to simply give a little guidance to their voice, to empower them to use their true selves in positivity. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. (As long as that pudding is free of all artificial additives 🙂 )

kava for opiate withdrawal

Using Kava for Opiate Withdrawal

Using Kava for Opiate Withdrawal

Kava kava can be an effective natural treatment for opiate withdrawal. As an anxiolytic and natural medicine which may promote relaxation, kava can help ease symptoms of opioid withdrawal. If you’re going through the detoxification process from heroin, prescription painkillers, or any other opioid, we do recommend reaching out to professionals. There are many residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs where you can receive quality medical and clinical care to get clean.

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What is Kava Kava?

Kava is a plant native to the Western Pacific, and sometimes known as kava kava. It’s a type of pepper plant, and has been used for centuries by the Polynesian people for its sedating qualities. Some cultures also use kava as a painkiller, as the active ingredients can help reduce the perception of pain in the body. Unlike medications that produce sedation, kava is known to not reduce mental clarity. Kava is sometimes treated as a sacred plant, and kava ceremonies may be held for its consumption.


The active ingredient in kava kava are kavalactones. There are many known kavalactones in the kava plant, with most of them concentrated in the roots and stem of the plant. Together, kavalactones work to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and relieve pain. Different cultivars of the kava plant from different locations are likely to have different levels of kavalactones. There has been quite a bit of research on kava, with many studies finding the kavalactones effective at treating anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

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Kava Health Risks

It is worth noting that there are some health risks, especially with long-term kava use. Kava has been found to be especially damaging on the liver. There have been quite a few reported cases of liver damage from kava kava use, mostly with regular use. Furthermore, kava at high doses can produce psychoactive effects, and people may begin to abuse kava for its psychoactive properties.

How Kava Helps Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

As many people are looking for more natural ways to ease themselves off opioids, kava has made a comeback. It can be consumed a number of ways, but it is most commonly consumed as an herbal tea. There are also pills, powders, and extracts available.

Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate withdrawal can be quite unpleasant and difficult. The symptoms of opiate withdrawal may vary from individual to individual, and there are many factors that may affect the severity of symptoms. These include length of use, drug being abused, dose of opiates, and the individual’s body chemistry.

Common symptoms of opiate withdrawal include:

  • Muscle pain and aches
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Sweating and fevers
  • Insomnia
  • Craving for opioids
  • High blood pressure
  • Diarrhea and nausea
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Effects of Kava

Kava is most well-known for its ability to ease anxiety, promote sleep, and relieve pain. It’s easy to see how kavalactones may greatly help opioid withdrawal. Effects an individual may experience from consuming kava are:

  • Anxiety relief
  • Sleepiness
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-convulsant

Kava can be a great medicinal option for those struggling with withdrawal from opioids. You can find it at your local health food store, some grocery stores, and of course online on places like Amazon.