My Favorite Teas

My 7 Favorite Teas

A few years ago I stopped drinking coffee. The biggest reason I quit was because I didn’t want to be a slave to the caffeine addiction anymore. Every morning I woke up needing a shot of espresso and around 2pm I needed another pick me up. One day I just decided that I didn’t want to need the coffee anymore.

When I stopped drinking it I needed something else to fill the void. I didn’t want to just get addicted to other caffeine drinks like energy drinks or black tea. Instead I started drinking herbal tea and I really found out a lot about tea in the process.

What I love most about tea is that it can be used to help a variety of things. Everything from indigestion to insomnia can be helped with a little mug of herbal tea.

1. Ginger Tea for Digestion

Ginger tea is incredibly helpful for indigestion. You can buy tea bags that are just plain ginger tea. However, I prefer to grate fresh ginger because it makes the tea more potent. The key with ginger tea is to steep it for at least 10 minutes. Drinking tea like this will help relieve upset stomach and nausea.

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2. Camomile For Sleep

Camomile tea is wonderful for helping you get to sleep at night. It can really allow you unwind at the end of a long day. My biggest tip when buying camomile tea is to get one that has whole flowers. These tend to be fresher and stronger than the tea you get where it is shredded camomile.

3. Anise For Sore Throat

When you have a sore throat you really want something that is going to coat it. Anise or licorice does the trick perfectly! It will coat the back of your throat and relieve any pain, scratching, and even mild coughs. This is even better if you add a little honey to it. The honey can also help with the taste because I don’t tend to love the flavor. If you don’t like the flavor either you can also add another type of tea to cover it up.

4. Mint for Breathing

Mint tea can help with breathing. If your lungs are hurting from dry climate or even a little cold virus, this can be a great way to help yourself feel better. If you have mild breathing problems this can help open up your airways. Before you start drinking it allow yourself some time to breathe in the smell of the tea through your nose and mouth. This will start the process of opening up your lungs. The other benefit is that it is great for your breath.

5. Kava for Deep Relaxation

Kava tea is really powerful stuff. This being said you need to be careful where you buy it because you want to make sure that it is organic and sourced naturally. When you brew this type of tea it helps if you steep it for 20-30 minutes. This might seem like a long time but the tea is expensive and you will want to get the most out of it.

Kava tea is incredibly helpful for muscle relaxation and insomnia. Like I said before, this is really strong tea. You don’t need to drink a lot of it for it to work. I also know people who have trouble flying and they drink kava to help them get some rest and relaxation on flights.

6. Spiced Tea for Warmth

I really love chai tea but it has way too much caffeine for me. However, I recently have discovered spiced teas that have all the warmth of chai tea without the caffeine. They often have cardamom and cinnamon just like normal chai teas. The great thing about spiced tea is that it warms you up and make you feel emotionally warm. It is great for a cold day or when you are wanting something comforting.

7. Hibiscus for Fun

Hibiscus tea is an incredibly beautiful bright pink color. I really like to make it into iced tea so that you can see the pretty color in a clear pitcher. It is great if you are looking to make a lot of iced tea for a party. The other benefit is that it tastes great! Hibiscus tea is the perfect fun tea to make.

My 7 Favorite Teas

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